A Little of What We Offer

Titan offers many services to keep you covered. From virus repair, program installation, hardware repair and replacement and even custom computer builds. We cover it all to make ourselves a one stop shop for you.

Our Experience and Skill Set

Years of hands on and book learning has provided us with the skills necessary for all of our offered services. We stay up to date with the latest in computers to bring the best to you. Titan is here to help you with your computer experience and more.

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Viruses Got You Down?

Computers can get sick too, with viruses. They can take over your computer experience and ruin it. Let us help you clear the problems and give you back control.


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Poor Performance?

You might be wondering why your computer has lost its speed over time. Outdated hardware could be to blame. We can help you by upgrading the internal hardware.


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Looking To Overhaul?

With store bought computers, you are limited to high end upgrades. Get a custom computer that will last the test of time. You’ll save money and peace of mind..


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Titan works for its customers and your satisfaction. We strive to provide you with all the solutions that best suit you and your needs. Our end goal is to give you the best service while improving your computing experience for the future.



The computer field is always changing and so are we. With the advancements and improvements in computers we make sure to keep up to date. We do our research and training to provide you with quality and educated answers.


The customers needs are always kept in mind. This lets you know that we won’t try to suggest products you would never use or need. Once we have a scope of your wants and needs we keep to it.


Other companies will lie to you about the true issues you may experience. Titan lays everything out for you. You will be always been informed, educated and updated on anything to prevent any problems you might face now and in the future. We want to be your trusted computer services for years to come.